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‘Girls’ shouldn’t tell our stories

Lena Dunham

The talk around ‘Girls’, the HBO series by Lena Dunham that premiered April 15, has been frenetic. I jump on the bandwagon to respond to critics of the show who want it to speak for an entire generation: We should let ‘Girls’ tell its own story.

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“I Wish It Was Christmas Today”

I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan first joined together on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 2000 to perform “I Wish It Was Christmas Today”, the best Christmas song ever created in the history of Christmas, or songs. So let us honor this Christmas treat. In this post, every performance of it I could find.

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Date set for 120 Minutes premiere

Logo: MTV2's 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield

It’s official: 120 Minutes is coming back on MTV2, and this time, the name of the series is 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield. The resurrected series will premiere very late (1 a.m.) the night of Saturday, July 30, and will also be available online. Here’s the full text of the press release as published on the MTV Press website.

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120 Minutes to debut in July

Matt Pinfield at Bonnaroo Music Festival

MTV’s recently resurrected alternative music series, 120 Minutes, is tentatively set to premiere on MTV2 the last Saturday night in July, according to returning host Matt Pinfield. In an interview at Bonnaroo Music Festival with The Weekly Feed, the podcast from Louisville’s WFPK radio station, Pinfield talked about the process that brought back 120 Minutes and what to expect when the show premieres.

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MTV brings back 120 Minutes

Matt Pinfield

MTV announced it will resurrect the legendary alternative music video series, 120 Minutes, and bring back its most recognizable host, Matt Pinfield, for another run. The series that originally ran on MTV from 1986 to 2000 and on MTV2 from 2001 to 2003 will return later this year to MTV2 as a special monthly program hosted by Matt Pinfield. It will be joined by a new weekly web feature, 120 Seconds.

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MTV minus ‘Music Television’

Music largely vanished from the channel years ago, but it took MTV until now to officially drop its “Music Television” tagline from its name and logo. In this post, I look at life in the post-MTV era. Is there any room for “Music Television” in 2010 and beyond? Let’s analyze the current situation and find out.

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More adds and loose ends

Believe it or not, we’re still alive! There’s not very much to add to The 120 Minutes Archive right now, but we have some corrections and one additional classic episode. In this latest update, we also talk about the current state of MTV and its sister channels, and how you can stay on top of new music.

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April Fools: MTV set to relaunch

I had some fun with the Internet by writing this fake news article from the “AP”, titled “‘AMTV’ First of Many Changes in Store at MTV”, for April Fools Day. I regret to inform you that this will never happen. But it’s fun to dream, right?

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Another year, another update

Well here we are, it’s 2009, and The 120 Minutes Archive is still alive and kickin’. We welcome in the new year with a 17 new episodes into the vault, our largest update in a long time. Plus, what has happened to MTV, and what’s up at VH1?

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The ghost of MTV2 lingers on

It’s been over a year since Jim Shearer (or anyone) has hosted the show, but we’ve learned some sort of program named Subterranean is still airing on MTV2. What does the ghost of Subterranean look like these days? Plus, a new cover story and some other odds and ends at The 120 Minutes Archive.

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