The music of ‘Halt And Catch Fire’

Photo: AMC / Vox Media

I spent the entire week watching all the seasons of AMC’s ‘Halt And Catch Fire’, leading up to its series finale. Inspired by the fact its killer soundtrack “almost entirely comes from The 120 Minutes Archive”, as a friend put it, I’ve compiled the official Spotify playlists from the show here—it’s time for a trip.

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10 years of life with the iPhone

Photo: Apple

I remember lamenting 10 years ago that I couldn’t afford this brand new iPhone thing (“it’s a phone but also an iPod and camera and it has the internet on it!”). Now, 10 years later, we all have one or something made in its image. But are we better or worse off because of the iPhone?

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Sleek style for

This is a user style for the Stylish browser extension that enhances by adding the Outlook logo to the header, changing the color of the header from black to blue, and cleaning up the overall user interface.

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What’s the deal with ‘big data’?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about “big data” and what it means for our society. While data mining is often utilized toward the bottom line for businesses, that’s just one use of big data. Insights gained through data mining can also help organizations and people understand more about each other.

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Customer profiling and privacy

Technology in the realm of “customer profiling” has gone mainstream in recent years, making an impact in people’s lives in ways they may or may not realize. As it makes its way forward and becomes more robust—in an always-on, cloud-connected world—privacy and security issues have risen to the forefront.

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The art of apparent nonsense

@horse_ebooks and This Is My Milwaukee

It was human after all: The creators of @horse_ebooks revealed that the absurdist Twitter account was a conceptual art project. But when I found out its creators were also responsible for Pronunciation Book and This Is My Milwaukee, pieces of an Internet mystery finally started to come together after 5 years.

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Podcasting is a serious business

Podcasting has revolutionized modern media. The opportunities it presents and the implications it holds for businesses are continuing to grow as they leverage technology in an ever more interconnected world. In this essay, an introduction to the Internet-based broadcasting medium and its history.

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BYOD and consumerization of IT

The state of information technology in the workplace has shifted significantly in a short amount of time with the advent of “bring your own device,” or “BYOD,” a policy where employees use their own computing devices; whether that means laptops, smartphones, tablets, or other devices; on the corporate network.

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The cloud takes over the world

Technology is changing rapidly as more pieces of software are becoming active network services (as opposed to static products that are purchased and then installed and maintained locally on individual computer systems). In this essay, a closer look at current trends in cloud computing and web services.

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Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Steve Jobs passed away October 5, 2011, at the age of 56. Apple invited everyone to share their thoughts about him as part of a public memorial. In this quick take, the words that came to my mind after a week without Steve.

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