Inclusivity is easier than you think

Photo: Apple

It can be easy to overthink how to speak about gender or write language that’s inclusive of transgender people—but it’s even easier to get it right. In this quick take, a deceptively simple solution hides in plain sight on an Apple website.

Quick Take

I was listening to a podcast where they were talking about how language meant to be trans-inclusive is often dismissive. Like, “she identifies as a woman,” or “this space is for women and people who identify as women.” Can you recognize how that creates a lesser category?

As a better alternative, they noted an Apple entrepreneur program for women, where they spotted this language in the fine print:

“Apple believes that gender expression is a fundamental right. We welcome all women to apply to this program.”

All women. See? The best language is the simplest.

So next time someone asks about your trans friend, don’t make a unicorn out of her. She’s not a topic of conversation. The only answer you need is staring you in the face: “She is a woman.” The end.

Podcast Clip

Here’s the audio from the show, episode 302 of Accidental Tech Podcast:

Photo: Overcast

And here’s what I wrote to the podcast hosts after listening to the episode:

Now it’s your turn: go be inclusive. It literally couldn’t be any easier.

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