Welcome to the new revolution

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High school students at MSD in Parkland, Florida who survived the February 14 mass shooting there took unprecedented control of the response afterward, launching the influential #NEVERAGAIN gun reform movement and holding the massive March For Our Lives rally just one month later on March 24.

In this post, a timeline of my thoughts in the hours, days, and weeks following the tragedy, as we witnessed it morph into the dawn of a revolution.


When I first learned of the shooting, my initial reaction was the familiar mix of anger and hopelessness that comes with these too-common events:

But while I was preparing for the usual narrative, Parkland students were busy rewriting it, as we would begin to see in the coming days.

A challenger appears

The tide was turning less than a day and a half after the shooting, which came into clarity as news outlets interviewed Parkland students:

It seemed almost unbelievable on its face: was this really where we were at as a leaderless nation? But these students knew it, and so they stepped up.

Never Again

By the weekend, the students’ #NEVERAGAIN movement was in full swing, and Emma González emerged as its leader with her barnburner of a speech:

In just a few weeks, they had completely changed the narrative on gun reform in this country and led a successful national school walkout, while gearing up for an incredible event that would tie it all together.

March For Our Lives

The past month of organizing culminated in the March For Our Lives, bringing the largest protest crowd to D.C. since the Women’s March:

“Welcome to the revolution”, student Cameron Kasky declared to open up the rally, which featured kids—only kids—affected by gun violence speaking truth to power, including a stunning silent protest by Emma González.

Several musical guests were invited to perform, but did not speak—by design.

After the march, what’s next? More events, but ultimately, a sustained effort to find NRA-funded politicians and VOTE THEM OUT. Thanks to the MSD students and the kids joined with them, the revolution has just begun.

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