No one sings like you anymore

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“No no no, not Chris Cornell”, I said out loud to no one in particular after waking up this morning and seeing a pair of tweets from a good friend of mine light up my phone. Before I could believe my own eyes, he was gone.

Hang my head

Ughhhh. This one hurts. I liked this guy so much I even went through what you could call a “Cornell phase”, where his raspy voice became a running gag among us and I dedicated a whole episode of my podcast to him.

Years ago, I drove two hours in my old beat-up car to go see Chris Cornell. I got stuck in rush-hour traffic; the car started overheating; I barely made it. Once I did, though, it was phenomenal. It was like three shows in one, split up into sections: Audioslave, Soundgarden, and Rage Against The Machine. Cornell handled it all and brought the house down. That concert was one of the most significant arena shows I ever went to, and it remains a defining experience for me.

Drown my fear

Over the course of the day, I realized—in waves—just how much Cornell’s music meant to me and the crazy slate of memories I have that involve him.

Till you all

As you might imagine, Cornell also meant a lot to 120 Minutes, which featured videos by Soundgarden, Audioslave, and his solo projects dozens of times.

Just disappear

Others have written far more beautiful, in-depth tributes to Cornell today, but I at least wanted to get out this short collection of my own thoughts.

Let me leave you with this: as a fan of both Soundgarden and RATM at a young age, the concept of the supergroup Audioslave with Cornell at the helm blew my mind. I remember seeing their live debut in 2002 on the Late Show with David Letterman. They performed “Cochise” for the first time on top of the Ed Sullivan Theater marquee. It was the coolest fucking thing I had ever seen.

R.I.P. to the great Chris Cornell, 1964-2017.

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