How to take a lesson from Paris

Photo: PBS

The city of Paris faced an atrocious night that no one on this Earth should ever have to endure. But in the wake of terror, France renewed its commitment to an open, free society. In this quick take, I encourage us to do the same.

Quick Take

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris, but Syrian refugees aren’t ISIS, they’re fleeing from ISIS. Paris understands this crucial difference: France recently said it would take in 30,000 more refugees from Syria.

Meanwhile, state governors in the U.S. have pledged, unconstitutionally, to deny refugees entry into their states. Rather than responding out of fear as ISIS wants us to do (and as we did after 9/11), we should take a lesson from Paris.

Imagine a future scenario where something unspeakably terrible happened to the United States and people had to seek refuge in other nations — and then we found leaders of those nations responding like some of our governors.

It would go something like this: “We can’t trust Americans, especially those who are white or of a Christian background. Many of them are notorious terrorists, infamous for randomly targeting schools, theaters, and other public places and shooting and killing everyone in sight. Some of them are decent, but we can’t let them into our country. What if one of them decides to target us next?”

That sounds ridiculous and heartless, right? Exactly.

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