A refreshing moment of sanity

Photo: Los Angeles Times

In the middle of political silly season, the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate was a welcome and much-needed oasis from the recent desert of craziness. In this quick take, I express my gratitude for a few serious candidates.

Quick Take

I thought Bernie Sanders nailed it on Wall Street and economic issues, Hillary Clinton had the stronger argument on gun violence, and they both had a great moment when it comes to those “damn emails”, which was fabulous.

But that “other guy” Martin O’Malley made an excellent point at the end. This was a debate that featured no insults against women, LGBT people, immigrants, or people of any race or religion. That took black lives, systemic inequality, and justice reform seriously. That stood up for reproductive rights.

Nobody can fix everything (Exhibit A: Pres. Obama), but having a president who at least believes in and fights for these things is important. It was so refreshing to forget about the clown car for a minute and hear some ideas.

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