Facing our own greatest threat

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The latest mass shooting in South Carolina more than qualifies as terrorism. If you look at U.S. history, it’s the definition of terrorism. In this quick take, why the context and political motivation of this incident can’t be overlooked.

Quick Take

To treat white supremacist terrorists as individuals that have no connection to any larger group or cause is to ignore literally the entire past 400 years. To treat them as any less of a threat to this country than foreign terrorists is to do a disservice to all of us who truly care about keeping Americans safe. To fly a flag that endorses them over the same state where this happened is — as Jon Stewart put it on The Daily Show — insanity. To justify any of these things is to blatantly disrespect and dehumanize people of color.

My heart breaks for the families, the church, and honestly everyone — because I know the society we live in enabled this violence and hate. This particular brand of violence and hate. It’s woven into the fabric of the United States. The people who claim this is senseless, impossible to understand, and unimaginable in America are part of a structure that only ensures this will continue to happen in the future.

It’s time to wake up. But — and this hurts to say — we won’t. [Medium | Tumblr]

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