Long live this awesome project

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You didn’t have to do it, but you did. You stepped up to the plate to help The 120 Minutes Archive, this thing that I’ve been running for the past 11 years, live to see another day. Thanks to you, the project is now funded through 2015.

Message to contributors

Honestly, I’m blown away. I’ve seen countless testimonials and tweets about this project, and of course it has gathered a lot of press and media attention over the years, but it has been bleeding away money for quite some time and I couldn’t keep funding it myself. I didn’t quite know if I could continue to fund the project on donations, but I decided to try, and you showed me just how great people can be. Your extremely wonderful, kind and generous contributions made the difference.

So now, thanks to you, thousands more of our future friends will stumble upon The 120 Minutes Archive over the next year and have that “omfg, this is awesome” moment. And when they do, it’ll be even better: I’m working with a musician and longtime 120 Minutes viewer to add a bunch of episodes from the early ’90s that were lost to time until now. You’ll begin to see these additions, new episodes from other contributors, and routine updates and corrections later this year.

Thank you (let me shout it: THANK YOU) for helping save The 120 Minutes Archive. You’re the best, and you can quote me on that all day.

Help us survive beyond 2015

For the past 11 years, we’ve poured countless hours into making The 120 Minutes Archive your home for reconnecting with the artists, bands, and videos you loved.

But time isn’t cheap, and neither are servers. We aren’t MTV. This is an entirely independent, non-commercial, and non-profit project. Please help us continue to host this archive for you and everyone, now and forever.

You don’t need to sign up for anything, PayPal keeps your information secure (we can never see your account numbers), and it only takes a minute. We’d appreciate your support more than we can say. Click that button up there!

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