Lou Reed, taking no prisoners

Lou Reed

The great Lou Reed has died at 71, so let’s remember him the best way I know how, by looking back at his stint hosting an early episode of MTV’s 120 Minutes in 1986. Join in by watching these video clips from the show.

Lou Reed hosts 120 Minutes

In the first clip from the show, Lou Reed grills Mark Josephson, co-director of the 1986 New Music Seminar, in his signature take-no-prisoners style:

Next, Lou shares some thoughts on “E=MC2” by Big Audio Dynamite:

Here, Lou Reed sits down with Suzanne Vega for an interview:

Finally in the last clip, Lou talks about U2 and Cactus World News:

Thanks to dpallen on YouTube for recording and sharing these video clips.

Remembering Lou Reed

From his days as the founder of The Velvet Underground through his extensive solo career, Lou Reed and his incredible contributions to music and culture will be remembered as long as either of those things exist.

My friend Jim Shearer, currently of VH1 and former host of 120 Minutes on MTV2, shared this thought shortly after we learned of Lou’s passing:

I couldn’t have said it any better. Rest in peace, Lou.

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