BYOD and consumerization of IT

The state of information technology in the workplace has shifted significantly in a short amount of time with the advent of “bring your own device,” or “BYOD,” a policy where employees use their own computing devices; whether that means laptops, smartphones, tablets, or other devices; on the corporate network.

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MTV’s grunge poet laureate

Maggie Estep

I was browsing my own website and I ran across this short spoken word piece by Maggie Estep that aired on MTV back in 1993 as part of a series called “Free Your Mind”, presumably named after the En Vogue song of the same name. It inspired me to write out some thoughts I had about it and the era it came from.

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‘Girls’ shouldn’t tell our stories

Lena Dunham

The talk around ‘Girls’, the HBO series by Lena Dunham that premiered April 15, has been frenetic. I jump on the bandwagon to respond to critics of the show who want it to speak for an entire generation: We should let ‘Girls’ tell its own story.

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TC’s top 40 albums of 2011

Do not adjust your set. This is TC’s top 40 albums of 2011.

This is the 9th consecutive year that I’ll be counting down my favorite music. This year-end tradition started back in 2003, and since then, it has weathered everything you could throw at it. I mean, it’s practically an institution at this point.

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