120 Minutes to debut in July

Matt Pinfield at Bonnaroo Music Festival

MTV’s recently resurrected alternative music series, 120 Minutes, is tentatively set to premiere on MTV2 the last Saturday night in July, according to returning host Matt Pinfield. In an interview at Bonnaroo Music Festival with The Weekly Feed, the podcast from Louisville’s WFPK radio station, Pinfield talked about the process that brought back 120 Minutes and what to expect when the show premieres.

The new show

“I’ve interviewed about 10 artists [so far at Bonnaroo Music Festival] for 120 Minutes, which is coming back at the end of July on MTV2. This time around it’s gonna be on Saturday night, not Sunday night,” Pinfield told The Weekly Feed.

Pinfield said 120 Minutes will air monthly on MTV2 to complement 120 Seconds, the weekly online feature at MTV Hive. “It’s going to be once a month starting the end of July. It looks like that last week,” Pinfield said. “We haven’t announced it officially yet, but I’m giving you a scoop on that, because I think it will be announced very shortly. It’s pretty close to being done, but I think it’s exciting.”

“The difference this time around is gonna be, it won’t just be sitting on these road cases,” Pinfield said. “There’s literally gonna be anywhere between 7 and 14 different interviews in each show, and tons of videos as well, so it’s gonna pretty cool.”

Interviews to expect on 120 Minutes include Arcade Fire, Givers, The Decemberists, Big Boi from Outkast, Mumford and Sons, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, whom Pinfield said he would interview in Los Angeles the week following Bonnaroo.

How it happened

120 Minutes made its way back to TV thanks in part to an effort to bring it back on radio, according to Pinfield. He told the abridged story of that process.

“The original intention, where I DJ in New York City at 101.9 WRXP, was that we would do a radio show on Sunday night with a 120-like format, so I contacted MTV with the idea of calling it 120 More Minutes,” Pinfield said.

“I got up to some of the people up top there who said to me, ‘No problem, you can even call it 120 Minutes, just as long as we’re involved and we can get all the legal stuff done’,” Pinfield said. “But then they said to me, ‘but we’d really like to see you hosting the show again on MTV2.’ I was like, ‘yeah, I’d love to be’, and then from different areas, it kinda happened.”

“I was bringing Arcade Fire on stage at the Garden, and just mentioned — and I was talking about the radio show — but I said, ‘hey, 120 Minutes is coming back!’ and then people interpreted — the press — that the TV show was coming back, so this buzz was created,” Pinfield said. “It started to make things happen.”

Looking back

In the interview, Pinfield also talked about those classic ’90s episodes archived here at The 120 Minutes Archive and available for viewing in full at MTV Hive.

“Some of them, it’s embarrassing, the shirts I was wearing in the ’90s. There are shirts in there that look like lampshades, and ones that look like if you walk close to me with a match, meaning 10 feet, that I would like light on fire. I mean, the shirts look like — they were definitely flammable — I don’t know what the hell they were made out of,” Pinfield laughed.

“The music was great, but sometimes the clothes weren’t,” Pinfield said. “I think the Seattle guys had it right. Wear flannel, it never goes out of style.”

Pinfield expressed gratitude for being asked to come back to host 120 Minutes for MTV once again, over a decade after he left. “I’m so blessed, I’m so grateful to still be working, doing radio and television. I’ve been very lucky.”

You can watch Pinfield’s entire interview with The Weekly Feed on YouTube, and stay tuned to The 120 Minutes Archive for more news and updates.

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