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Message boards and blog comments are so Web 1.0. It’s time The 120 Minutes Archive got with the times, so we’ve integrated Twitter throughout the site. Plus, we’ve published some updates to the archive and a new cover story.

Cover story

Music largely vanished from the channel years ago, but it took MTV until now to officially drop its “Music Television” tagline from its name and logo. In this post, we look at life in the post-MTV era. Is there any room left for “Music Television” in 2010 and beyond? Let’s analyze the current situation and find out.

Read more in our brand new cover story, MTV minus Music Television.

Updates to the archive

Since we last checked in with you around the end of summer (seriously, 7 months ago), there have been several additions and changes to the archive. Quickly, here’s a summary.

There is an additional episode hosted by Chris Booker from early 2000, new comments on the last episodes of 120 Minutes on MTV later in 2000, a clarification about “American Jesus” back in 1995, some ambiguity regarding a video played during one of the last 120’s in 2003, an anecdote about Mojo Nixon dating back to 1987, and an unearthed clip of MTV VJ Carolyne Heldman (remember her?) hosting an episode at some point in 1988.

As always, if you have anything to add, feel free to contact us using the links at the bottom of the page. Speaking of that stuff, we have some site updates to talk about as well.


Given the relatively static nature of the archive, updates like these don’t come very often. Further, given the sprawling nature of the archive (with over 500 episodes of 120 Minutes), there are many far-off corners of the site that never see much activity.

As a result, it doesn’t make much sense to utilize blog-like or forum-like feedback on The 120 Minutes Archive. However, that doesn’t mean we should be stuck in 1995 without a single way to interact, either. Given its popularity, it makes a lot of sense to begin using the power of Twitter, the always-connected hub of real-time information.

You’ll find new links labeled “Comment / Share” all over the site. You can click on any of them to be transferred to Twitter with a short URL for the page you were just browsing. You can use this URL to share that page with your followers and the rest of the world. At the same time, you’ll be able to reply to me on Twitter if you want me to see your comment. The choice is yours.

If you prefer, you can always contact me directly via e-mail with your thoughts on the site. What’s more, e-mail is still the preferred way to send me your contributions to the archive. E-mail links remain at the bottom of every page, so as always, I’m just a click away.

Looking ahead

Even though these updates don’t come very often anymore, you should know that The 120 Minutes Archive is here to stay. I’ve been running this site for over 7 years, and it’s such a treasure chest of information at this point, I couldn’t imagine ever removing it from the Internet. As long as there’s still anybody out there who remembers 120 Minutes, this site will be around. Please don’t hesitate to contribute any additional playlists or information you might have.

Keep supporting the cause! I hope you continue to enjoy The 120 Minutes Archive.

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