Another year, another update

Well here we are, it’s 2009, and The 120 Minutes Archive is still alive and kickin’. We welcome in the new year with a 17 new episodes into the vault, our largest update in a long time. Plus, what has happened to MTV, and what’s up at VH1?

Videos, Videos, Videos

We have finally gotten with the 21st century. Now, all 5,000+ music videos in the vault have links to their YouTube results. That’s right, all of them, so you’re just two clicks away from any video. It took a damn long time, so you better enjoy it! Start by browsing the MTV2 episodes (2001-2003), or the Pinfield era MTV episodes (1995-2000), or the classic era MTV episodes (1986-1995). I am labeling it a “beta” feature, but many of the links actually work. Anyway, here are the new playlists:

December 21, 1997 – Marcy Playground
November 2, 1997 – Jane’s Addiction
October 12, 1997 – (no guest)
August 31, 1997 – 311
May 4, 1997 – Silverchair, Ben Folds Five
April 27, 1997 – (no guest)
April 20, 1997 – Morphine
April 13, 1997 – Matthew Sweet and S.N.Z.
October 8, 1995 – (no guest listed)

January 5, 1992 – Top 20 videos of 1991on 120 Minutes
April 29, 1990 – host Dave Kendall
April 22, 1990 – host Dave Kendall
April 15, 1990 – host Dave Kendall
April 8, 1990 – host Dave Kendall
May 28, 1989 – Tom Tom Club
May 10, 1987 – host Alan Hunter
May 3, 1987 – host Alan Hunter

For those of you paying really close attention, head over to the archive index and note the following changes, mostly correcting some wrong dates, and one guest-related update as well:

July 19, 1998 – replaces July 12, 1998 (was an incorrect date)
December 7, 1997 – replaces November 2, 1997 (was an incorrect date)
November 16, 1997 – replaces October 12, 1997 (was an incorrect date)
May 21, 1995 – new comment on the Henry Rollins and Jerry Lee Lewis episode
April 1, 1990 – replaces April ?, 1990 (was an incorrect date)
March ?, 1990 – replaces April ?, 1990 (was an incorrect date)
June 4, 1989 – updated with guests Marky Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone

R.I.P. Music Television

Since we last left you, a lot more music also left television. MTV cancelled TRL in November, and although some would claim that show was D.O.A. anyway, it was MTV’s last daily music video program. Now, it can truly be said, MTV doesn’t play music. You’d even be hard-pressed to find the early morning blocks of videos on the channel anymore; most of the time, they’re just not there.

Meanwhile, the Internet continues to make a joke out of any TV channels’ attempts to play music videos. With the launch of MTV Music (which would have been a redundant name had “MTV” still stood for “Music Television”), the majority of MTV’s music videos are now available on the Internet. At the same time, YouTube is also ramping up their efforts to organize and promote music videos.

These days, MTV doesn’t even make pop stars; MySpace does. If you want to find new alternative music, especially, your search will start and end on the Internet. Given the current climate, is music on TV finally dead? With very few exceptions these days, yes, it is. Viva la Internet!

If there’s one place where you might still see some music videos on TV (pop videos, but whatever), it’s the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. Apparently, our friend Jim Shearer is now the new host of the show, making him the second former host of 120 Minutes to get on board at VH1. Matt Pinfield hosted the show for a few months back in 2006. How long will Jim Shearer stick around at VH1? We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, have a great 2009, everyone.

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