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She and Him and her and them

The blog lives on! Welcome to another week at altmusictv. It’s February 18, 2008, and we just launched our second new home page design in about two months. Why so much change for a site that doesn’t need to change much? Well, we don’t want to let this site shrivel up and die as just archives, so a fresh new design and (hopefully) weekly to monthly content here will keep things interesting.

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When TV is a public service

While U.S. TV is supported almost entirely by advertising and has few guidelines set by the FCC for educational or informational programming, the BBC ensures its TV programming remains culturally relevant by setting up public policies that demand the BBC “creates public value” and stays true to its mission.

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Obscure music trivia

Every now and then, the altmusictv inbox gets messages from people who really, really need help. Most often, it’s about a seemingly random song they loved that was once on 120 Minutes, and no matter how hard they might try, they can’t remember it for the life of them.

There’s just one problem: I don’t have any idea either! I was an avid 120 Minutes viewer in the late ’90s and beyond, but some of this stuff dates back to ’80s, and I don’t have a clue. Even the more recent stuff escapes me because it’s just so obscure. What am I to do? I’ve devised a plan.

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TC’s top 40 albums of 2007

Here we go again! This is TC’s top 40 albums of 2007.

It’s hard to believe it’s already time for my 5th year-end countdown. Nevertheless, here we are. Every year since 2003, I’ve been counting down my favorite music of the year, and this year is… well, a little different.

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