The ghost of MTV2 lingers on

It’s been over a year since Jim Shearer (or anyone) has hosted the show, but we’ve learned some sort of program named Subterranean is still airing on MTV2. What does the ghost of Subterranean look like these days? Plus, a new cover story and some other odds and ends at The 120 Minutes Archive.

cover story

Are music videos dead? Not if MTV has anything to say about it — wait, what? The channel has debuted a new weekly video premiere show, FNMTV, and it’s a surprisingly refreshing take on Music Television in the era of the Internet.

Read more in our brand new cover story, Music videos are back, sort of.

Odds and ends

Apparently, some kind of program named Subterranean is still on the air. I don’t receive MTV2 or digital cable anymore, so I can’t tell you exactly what’s on it, but I’m guessing it’s just the same old random collection of 9 or 10 alternative music videos, with 20 minutes of commercials, and without any kind of host. It has moved to Saturdays at 11 PM eastern time, as part of the catch-all rock block, between Saturday Rock The Deuce and Headbangers Ball, which if I remember correctly, is also a ghost town style video block with no host or content.

We’ve updated the 120 Minutes playlist archive with another entry; this time thanks to Rick L. and from September 5, 1993, hosted by They Might Be Giants. Head over to the archive for that one and many more (a total of 376 now), as well as to contribute your own playlists.

See you all for the next post whenever I have something to talk about, at which time, we’ll see if FNMTV is still on the air or if it’s been scrapped. Any bets?

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