She and Him and her and them

The blog lives on! Welcome to another week at altmusictv. It’s February 18, 2008, and we just launched our second new home page design in about two months. Why so much change for a site that doesn’t need to change much? Well, we don’t want to let this site shrivel up and die as just archives, so a fresh new design and (hopefully) weekly to monthly content here will keep things interesting.

We’ll see if enough notable things keep rolling in every couple of weeks. If so, expect this to continue for a while.


Something I miss about watching Subterranean at the end of every week (I haven’t watched it in about a year) is getting direct exposure to so much new music. It takes more effort to search out everything yourself on the Internet, so often I find myself falling behind these days.

There’s one band I know you should check out, though: She and Him. The band is actress Zooey Deschanel (star of Elf alongside Will Ferrell) and musician M. Ward. It’s a strange mix (in a good way), and their first single “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” is really tons of fun. If you’re not in a good mood after listening to the song, something is wrong with you. I discovered She and Him thanks to a great new blog, Ben’s Pop Culture Blog, Great Job!, so head on over there to download the song. I promise it’s worth your time.

In the past few weeks, I’ve also much enjoyed 19, the new album by Adele, a great upstart soul singer from the UK. Her album isn’t available in the U.S. yet, but I suggest you import it or search it out on the Internet and take a listen. She has a refreshing style and one critic on her wiki page says it best, saying she has “a sensational voice: rich, robust, voluptuously bluesy.”

Oh and what the hell, The B-52’s have a new single? That’s out of left field. It messes with my mind. It’s called “Funplex.” Take a listen over at YouTube.


The bread and butter, the pride and joy, the reason why this site will never leave the Internet is the 120 Minutes playlist archive. We’re now up to 360 playlists, which is f-ing insane if you ask me. That’s almost eight complete years of playlists from 120 Minutes, which means we have almost half of the series’ entire 17-year run archived on the site. Crazy. This week there’s another new playlist, dating back to January 24, 1993. The guest that night was Ian McCulloch. Head on over to the 120 Minutes playlist archive to see it along with all the others, and remember, if you have any old playlists, send them in to us. Our e-mail link is at the bottom of every page.


A few weeks ago, we posted “Help these people!,” an attempt on our part to solve some long-lingering music mysteries. I’d call it a success. Three mysteries were solved, giving some of our visitors a sense of relief after years of racking their brains trying to figure it out. This week, we’ve got another one. Exton writes:

I was an avid watcher of 120 minutes when i was younger and there was this video back in 1993, i think, that copied the look of the silent film “A Trip to the Moon” the 1914 silent film based on the Jules Verne story. The moon had a face and the rocket hit his eye, etc. This predated that smashing pumpkins video. Basically the band goes to the moon in cheesy space suits and they rescue some damsel from some monster and wackiness abounds. The song is of the indie rock genre and the chorus goes something like: “How can I swoon, thinkin’ ’bout the moon”. I’ve been searching for info on this song/band/album for over a decade now.

If you have any idea about this video for Exton, post a comment. If you have a mystery of your own that you’d like solved, shoot us an e-mail.

That’ll do it for this week at altmusictv. What new music are you playing on repeat right now; what would you like to see us talk about; what else is on your mind? Until next time.

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