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Every now and then, the altmusictv inbox gets messages from people who really, really need help. Most often, it’s about a seemingly random song they loved that was once on 120 Minutes, and no matter how hard they might try, they can’t remember it for the life of them.

There’s just one problem: I don’t have any idea either! I was an avid 120 Minutes viewer in the late ’90s and beyond, but some of this stuff dates back to ’80s, and I don’t have a clue. Even the more recent stuff escapes me because it’s just so obscure. What am I to do? I’ve devised a plan.

Instead of letting these e-mails collect dust in the dead letter office forever, I’ve revived a handful of them to post here. If anyone is out there and you know the answer to any of this stuff, please post a comment! This might be fun. It’s music trivia and you get to help out your fellow 120 Minutes fans.

Let’s take a look at what we got here. Everyone here seems like a really great person who could use a quick favor from the community, so let’s get to it…

Erin W. asks:

I’m looking for a band. I don’t know the name. I only have a brief lyric, “They say I’m a tomboy…” All I remember is it was a girl singing in a black-n-white video. It was on 120 minutes only once in either 1991 or 1992. I have been looking for this song/artist/band for over 15 years. I guess everyone needs a song that they love and will never hear again.

Mark H. asks:

Is there any chance of helping me track down a video that was aired on UK MTV2 6+ years ago? The video featured a white male solo artist in a white suite performing on a stark, dark stage set with only the artist’s name in red lights at the back of the set. The video was particularly memorable as the performer switched between a male singer and boy, who was identically dressed and miming – this happens several times during the video.

Kip R. asks:

I found your site while trying to figure out what, I guess, techno, song contained a few repeating notes that sounded kinda like the Imperial March from Star Wars (but not a sample). I watched 120 Minutes for years and remember that song and vaguely remember the video–in a gallery? If you have any idea, my wracked brain would be grateful.

Shana D. asks:

I saw an episode of Subterranean that introduced me to the likes of Madvillain and TV on the Radio. I also saw a video for another musician that featured an animated little feature about a robot that can be ordered to be a father and husband but needed to drink beer and eventually would become an abusive husband and father. The song was really great and I wrote down the name of the musician on a post-it that I have quite obviously lost by now.

David L. asks:

In an old tape of 120 Minutes that I have, there are three songs for which I can’t seem to find the performer. The songs contain the following lyrics:
1. “…you don’t have to be cruel to be a winner…” (1997, female vocalist, not Salad, nor Hearthrobs, neither Drugstore, but heavy bass, nice guitars, kind of pop but wave-ish, etc.)
2. “…in my fun house, I take my fun, I have more fun than anyone…” (1987, in the couplets the male singer talks more than sings, pop song starts with piano and has piano throughout, not Echo And The Bunnymen, etc.)
3. “…riding through the storm, need to carry on, you just gotta let it be…” (1986, man and woman alternate singing, very catchy pop, ringing guitars, not X nor Zeitgeist or the Reivers)

Ashley N. asks:

I was wondering if you could help me find the name of the band/artist and song name of a video that I saw a long time ago on subterranean. It was an animated video of a man going to a pet store, buying animals, then tossing them off a building. There was a scene of a bird with it’s wings taped falling, and a turtle, I can’t remember all of the animals though.

Enrique B. asks:

just wondering if you guys happened to know the name of a song that mtv2 airs whenever they are anouncing upcoming shows or concerts. Its a really intense commercial with a shoegazey feel and i thought that maybe you guys would know since searches in google have ended up fruitless.

Netroba asks:

i was wondering if you might know how to track down copies of a show that came on after 120 minutes in the late 80s early 90s called BUZZ? i think it was a channel 4 production initially but not sure. was hoping you would have some recollection of it as several people i’ve spoken with who were watching 120 minutes regularly back then remember it fondly.

There you have it. Look at all those people who desperately need your assistance. Just because I’m clueless doesn’t mean you have to be. Now get to work and help these people, please!

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