TC’s top 120 songs and top 40 albums of 2008

July 19, 2009

I can’t believe it either! This is TC’s top 120 songs and top 40 albums of 2008.

For the sixth consecutive year, I’ll be counting down the best music according to me. That’s right, I have been doing this since 2003, and I’ve come back for more. Join me for yet another look back at yet another year of music.

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Barack Obama for president

Photo: Patrick Smith

This time, the choice is clear. Barack Obama has shown the knowledge, courage, judgment, and temperament to be the next President of the United States. He already beat all odds to become the Democratic nominee earlier this year—his life story is one of the most fascinating examples of success.

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Chromifox theme for Firefox

Chromifox Basic is a coat of chrome for Firefox. It’s a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome browser and its open source roots, Chromium.

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The ghost of MTV2 lingers on

It’s been over a year since Jim Shearer (or anyone) has hosted the show, but we’ve learned some sort of program named Subterranean is still airing on MTV2. What does the ghost of Subterranean look like these days? Plus, a new cover story and some other odds and ends at The 120 Minutes Archive.

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Music videos are back, sort of

Are music videos dead? Not if MTV has anything to say about it — wait, what? The channel has debuted a new weekly video premiere show, FNMTV, and it’s a surprisingly refreshing take on Music Television in the era of the Internet.

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Camifox theme for Firefox

Camifox is elegant, crisp, and colorful. It’s a thoughtful and sophisticated reimagination and realization of a better “default”-like theme for Firefox, in living color, inspired by the appearance of the excellent Camino browser.

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Summer gold, new and old

On this Memorial Day 2008, we unofficially welcome the summer and take a look at some of the season’s best new music according to us, including Santogold, as you can see over there. Also, we made a pretty big deal about “Pitchfork.tv” a few months ago, so we’ll see if the service has lived up to the hype.

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Ethics of campaign coverage

We’re in the midst of the longest U.S. presidential campaign in recent memory — perhaps the longest ever. The endless news cycle and the overexposure of election coverage lead TV news journalists to undermine the seriousness of the situation, and worse, ignore established journalistic and ethical standards.This being the year 2008, we’re also more connected than ever, with more access to cable television and the Internet than ever before. Along with all the access to information also comes an unprecedented amount of presidential campaign and election coverage.

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News with a different worldview

I watched an episode of the PBS series Wide Angle about Al Jazeera, a TV news channel that provides coverage of world events with a worldview that’s very different from similar channels in the U.S. It got me thinking about the value of consuming news from around the world with a variety of perspectives.

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A new music television?

There’s now a new contender in the world of alternative music television. Pitchfork assembled the resources to launch their own broadband channel, and we can’t wait. Is this the future? Also this week, more playlists for the archive.

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