We’re alive… yes, really

After a long, long break, altmusictv is back in action. Unfortunately, it seems that Subterranean (the way it once was) will never return. It’s not all bad news, though… we’ve got a new layout and some new 120 Minutes playlists.

That’s right, after being M.I.A. since April, the site is actually back. It’s our Christmas gift to all. So, where have I been all this time? Well, doing more important things, basically. Subterranean has been dead in the water, so this site has been archives only.

Speaking of which, though, some of you have still been e-mailing in 120 Minutes playlists all year long. I finally got around to adding the latest batch to the site. There have been 13 playlists sent in since March (the last time I updated), bringing our total to 359. Here are the new ones:

May 26, 1996 – Bob Mould – from Plarocks
March ?, 1995 – Bush – from Idiotjed
March ?, 1995 – The Cranberries – from Idiotjed
January 30, 1995 – Bush – from Idiotjed
September 25, 1994 – Grant Lee Buffalo – from Adam R.
March 14, 1993 – They Might Be Giants – from Steevo M.
September 15, 1991 – Robyn Hitchcock – from eskimospy
September 8, 1991 – Robyn Hitchcock – from eskimospy
July 28, 1991 – The Psychadelic Furs – from JT
July 14, 1991 – The Wonderstuff – from JT
July 7, 1991 – Bernard Sumner of Electronic – from JT
June 30, 1991 – Julien Cope – from JT
April 27, 1986 – host J.J. Jackson – from Plarocks

Just look at that. April 27, 1986! It’s the earliest one ever. The 4th episode of the series, apparently. The series began way back on March 10, 1986. If you have more, send ’em in!

Now, as for Subterranean. No one told me this officially, but all signs point to the inevitable: It’s not coming back with Jim or any host. If you’re waiting for the show to return to its former glory, just give it up. We’re lucky MTV.com and MTV2 still allocate the resources to throw us a video block and some blog posts every week. Enjoy it while it lasts, folks. From what I’ve seen, mtvU is still going pretty nicely too, I’m impressed. I put links to watch the live feed of mtvU and Subterranean on the home page.

Yes, the new home page. Same design but a new layout. I tried to put everything you need right there on the home page, so you don’t have to drill down the site to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Also, thanks to Google, now we have some search boxes, too. It doesn’t exactly work wonderfully right now, but it’s better than nothing. In the coming weeks, I’ll work on making the rest of the site match the home page, and try to make the search boxes more effective.

Now, am I just talking to myself here, or is anybody still out there? If you’re reading this, comment or something. Where have you been going to find new music? What was some of your favorite music of 2007?

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