VH1 brings back an old brand

In a relatively interesting development, altmusictv has learned VH1 Classic has brought back 120 Minutes… sort of. They’ve renamed The Alternative, their block of ’80s and ’90s alternative videos, to VH1 Classic 120 Minutes.

The video block is otherwise the same, with no host, no old 120 logos (they’ve created a new logo), and no old clips from the original show. I checked it out last night, and although it was pretty much the same old stuff, it was kind of cool to see something called 120 Minutes airing on television. Thanks to a few alert visitors who told me about this news via e-mail. Here are the e-mails I received.

The first email was from Christine:

“I just noticed this when I was checking VH1C’s schedule to tonight… As you can see it looks like The Alternative is now being called VH1 Classic’s 120 Minutes. Now I’m not sure if this means great program changes, but I thought you’d like to know. I will of course have the playlist available tomorrow morning on my site.”

The second email was from PVSP:

“I set my DVR to record The Alternative on all airings. This morning’s 3 AM three-hour episode was a repeat of Sunday’s show with one interesting change. When the show comes back from commercial instead of showing a graphic with VH1 Classic The Alternative it showed as VH1 Classic 120 Minutes. I thought this was very interesting. Unfortunately, from what I could tell, that was the extent of it.”

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