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With the changes at MTV2 in effect, Sub is no longer a show. As such, I’ve decided to focus this site around the archives. Plus, Jim Shearer speaks out.

With the changes at MTV2 in effect, Subterranean is no longer a show. I like to think of Subterranean as the last stand of the alternative music show in the classic MTV format — the VJ, bands and artists being interviewed, live performances, and the like, in between music videos.

For almost 4 years, Subterranean stayed true to that format. It was something worth staying up for at the end of the weekend. At least I thought so.

Last month, MTV2 fired its entire production staff and converted all of its remaining music shows into pure video blocks. No more hosts, no more band interviews, just videos and commercials.

I believe it’s no longer worth it to watch Subterranean on TV and write down the playlist. In today’s era of the Internet, sitting through 20 minutes of late night commercials only for some videos doesn’t make sense.

As such, I’m not going to be posting new playlists for Subterranean. It’s clear to me MTV2 is not showing commitment to the show, and I’m certainly not going to put that level of commitment into a “ghost town” video block.

It’s unfortunate that Subterranean isn’t a show anymore. I hope MTV2 will change their mind about this decision. Should MTV2 ever decide to change Subterranean back into a real show, I’ll pick up right where I left off. Until then, keep coming here whenever you want to check the archives.

That’s the good news in all of this: altmusictv isn’t going away by any means. The complete archives of every Subterranean episode, as well as the ongoing and never-ending 120 Minutes playlist archive, will remain online. In fact, I just updated the archive today with four new playlists. Links: 1 2 3 4

As for the blog, it’s probably obvious it will have a reduced role. I’ll still blog about stuff from time to time, and the comments will stay open, but I know I can’t compete with the best of the best music blogs. So, I’ve linked all of my favorite music blogs along the bottom of the page.

One final note in today’s update: Jim Shearer himself has spoken here on altmusictv. You can see his comments in the MTV2 abandons VJs article.

He says he’ll answer any questions that anyone has about the future of Subterranean, so make sure to read his comments and post your questions.

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