Sub #185: PLUG Awards

This week’s Subterranean on MTV2 was supposed to be hosted by Jim Shearer from the PLUG awards. Instead, we got just a block of videos. I guess the changes at MTV2 went into effect even sooner than the Subterranean staff anticipated.

UPDATE: Maura at Idolator forwarded a press release to me that says the PLUG awards episode will air properly on Tuesday night (a.k.a. Wednesday morning) at 4 AM ET on MTV2.

Here is the playlist for the episode, provided by Tom.

01-I’ll Believe In Anything – Wolf Parade
02-Nothing Like This – J Dilla
03-Cheer It On – Tokyo Police Club
04-Leave Before The Lights Come On – Arctic Monkeys
05-Great Salt Lake – Band Of Horses
06-Lazy Eye (recorded live) – Silversun Pickups
07-Rick Rubin – Spank Rock
08-Dark Wave – Stephen Malkmus & Jicks
09-Alala – CSS
10-Father To A Sister Of Thought – Pavement

The PLUG awards episode is also online now:

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