Sub #181: (no guest)

This episode of Subterranean on MTV2 was sort of a ghost episode. I noticed Jim Shearer provided voiceovers, but there was no guest and no studio. What happened to the studio??

Here’s the playlist for episode #181:

The Decemberists – O Valencia!
The Knife – We Share Our Mother’s Health
Tokyo Police Club – Nature Of The Experiment
Irving – Jen, Nothing Matters To Me
Jose Gonzales – Crosses
Matt and Kim – Yea Yeah
Dirty Pretty Things – Bang Bang You Are Dead
Baby Dayliner – Silent Places
Islands – Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby
The Shins – Phantom Limb
Asobi Seksu – Thursday

UPDATE: Link to watch any of these videos…

Lots of videos at least. The one by Matt and Kim was one of the weirdest I’ve seen in a while, I like it. Any thoughts from you all?

On a side note, remember the 120 Minutes archive of playlists still exists… if anyone out there has playlists from old 120 Minutes shows on MTV or MTV2, we’re still archiving them, so send them in.

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