Sub #176: Dirty on Purpose

SubterraneanIn this episode of Subterranean on MTV2, Jim Shearer interviewed Dirty on Purpose. Their album, Hallelujah Sirens, is out now.

Here’s the playlist for episode #176:

Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye
CSS – Alala
The Blood Brothers – Laser Life
Irving – Jen Nothing Matters To Me
Muse – Starlight
The Knife – We Share Our Mother’s Health
Dirty On Purpose – No Radio
Islands – Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby
The Thermals – A Pillar Of Salt

All new videos this week. I don’t know exactly what it is about CSS that hooks me in, but it sure is hypnotic. Also, somebody at MTV needs to fix that Helio thing so we can actually hear what the person is saying. One more thing, Justin Timberlake leading off the Muse video? Hilarious. At first I didn’t know what was going on.

Here’s the link to watch this episode plus more:

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