Sub #172: Beck

SubterraneanIn this episode of Subterranean on MTV2, Jim Shearer interviewed Beck. His latest album, The Information, was released on October 3, 2006.

Here’s the playlist for episode #172. Click on a video below or watch the entire episode.

Beck – Think I’m In Love
Beck – Hell Yes
Beck – Cell Phone’s Dead
Beck – 1000 BPM
Beck – Loser
Beck – No Complaints
Beck – Nausea
Beck – We Dance Alone
Beck – Beer Can

As a long-time fan of Beck, I thought this episode was great. It was cool that MTV2 played some of the low-budget videos from the DVD that comes with The Information plus a few of his other videos. The interview was relatively informative too. Top notch episode, in my opinion. What do you all out there think?

If this is your first visit to altmusictv since the new format went up, scroll down a couple of entries for all you need to know about that. has now added this episode. Lots of great extra videos, including Where It’s At, Devil’s Haircut, and E-Pro. Link is above.

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