Some stuff shifted around

So, today, I moved the blog portion of altmusictv over to Blogger’s official hosting service for this sort of thing, known as Blogspot. You may have noticed the difference in your address bar, but regardless, you will always be able to get here by going to

Although there’s an annoying banner at the top of the page now, at least we have an excellent new search box. Try it out, really, it does wonders. Instant results from the entire blog.

This move will solve all of the problems I was having with publishing posts and comments. It also makes post categories a lot easier.

If you bookmarked any of the individual pages before, you’ll have to update them; hopefully that won’t inconvenience anyone too much. Just in case anyone out there has been using the RSS feed, it has moved, so please update your RSS whatever thing to the new feed.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!

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