TC’s top 120 songs and top 10 albums of 2004

It’s that time of year again! Me and the TC 10 bring you my top 120 songs of the year. Instead of putting together a year-end list from memory, I went directly to the TC 10 stats again. Absolutely nothing except the stats determined this countdown.

So what you get is a look at the songs I liked over the year, and not how I’m looking back on it now. It’s better to let my countdown remember everything for me. There are even some “wow, can’t believe I liked that song” moments and other surprises in store. So let’s get this started.

Top 120 Songs

120. Eminem – Mosh
Politically relevant for about a week.

119. Robert Randolph – I Need More Love
Grammy awards made this song come back from the dead.

118. Audioslave – What You Are
What happened to this? It went nowhere.

117. The Features – The Way It’s Meant To Be
I remember listening to this song maybe twice.

116. Orgy – The Obvious
A comeback that didn’t really happen.

115. The Special Goodness – N.F.A.
Pat’s side project. Cool song.

114. Evanescence – Everybody’s Fool
Lies pizza at its finest.

113. The Music – Freedom Fighters
I premiered this two weeks before Breakin’.

112. Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty
There could be many better singles.

111. Lostprophets – Last Train Home
Took a while to grow on me.

110. Korn – Y’all Want A Single
Destroy the record labels. Rah.

109. Nelly Furtado – Try
Such a pretty song.

108. Lostprophets – Wake Up (Make A Move)
Not amazing but still good.

107. Badly Drawn Boy – Year Of The Rat
Mainly drawn in by the video.

106. Vanessa Carlton – White Houses
Such a pretty song until I listened closer to the lyrics.

105. Chronic Future – Time And Time Again
Impressive video and catchy song.

104. Supergrass – Kiss Of Life
Still new, still cool. Could break on the top ten for 2005.

103. Iggy Pop f/Sum 41 – Little Know It All
Not the best song ever but still very catchy.

102. The Strokes – 12:51
Come on everybody, do the locomotion.

101. Evanescence – My Immortal
The piano version just sounds much better.

100. Courtney Love – Mono
She came back, but it didn’t exactly work too well.

99. Steriogram – Walkie Talkie Man
A great video, but took too long for it to grow on me.

98. Joss Stone – You Had Me
Her previous album impressed me more.

97. William Shatner – Common People
More than novelty. There’s actually a message here.

96. Blink 182 – I Miss You
A good song. Would be better with just Mark’s vocals in the verses.

95. Seether f/ Amy Lee – Broken
Oh good lord. Can’t believe I liked this for a few weeks.

94. Stellastarr* – My Coco
Quite addictive.

93. Lacuna Coil – Swamped
Would be a lot better without the dude singing.

92. Live – We Deal In Dreams
Greatest Hits deal, was this even a single?

91. To My Surprise – Get It To Go
We are… the orange.

90. Atmosphere – Trying To Find A Balance
Voted #1 best this year on Subthingy.

89. Jet – Rollover DJ
If you don’t mind.

88. Northern State – Girl For All Seasons
Best suburbia white-girl rappers this side of… no one.

87. Rilo Kiley – It’s A Hit
Indeed it is. Still, never got into the top ten yet.

86. Auf Der Maur – Followed The Waves
I was hoping this would be a bigger hit. But she rocked at Curiosa.

85. Joss Stone – Super Duper Love
The 2nd song so far, but not the last you’ll see of Joss.

84. The Killers – Somebody Told Me
I never got extremely sick of this song, but never loved it either.

83. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
I liked this song way too late.

82. Sum 41 – We’re All To Blame
Another one that took too long to grow on me. I’d put it higher now.

81. Incubus – Talk Shows On Mute
Much higher showing from Incubus later on.

80. Morrissey – First Of The Gang To Die
Nice song and all, but never really got me going RAHHHH.

79. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Y Control
The best YYY song I’ve heard so far. Crazy video, too.

78. 311 – First Straw
Catchy but not anything too different.

77. AFI – Head Like A Hole
Awesome cover. Took me way too long to get a good copy of it.

76. The Killers – Mr. Brightside
Still going. Will also be on the top ??? of 2005.

75. The Shins – So Says I
Penguin video! And for some reason I thought this was in 2003.

74. Sarah McLachlan – Fallen
What the hell, I thought this was in 2003 too.

73. Interpol – Slow Hands
Should be higher. That’s what I get for putting it in the #10-8 range.

72. Phoenix – Everything Is Everything
Completely drawn in by the chimes or whatever they are.

71. Le Tigre – TKO
So addictive! This song might be huge on the 2005 list.

70. Muse – Hysteria
This was sort of a single and not for about a year. Still an awesome song.

69. The Rasmus – In The Shadows
Should be higher, but there are just too many good songs.

68. Kasabian – Club Foot
Came out of nowhere and is incredible. Should go places in 2005 too.

67. Tsunami Bomb – Dawn On A Funeral Day
Random band that I saw in concert. Good stuff.

66. Cake – No Phone
Such an awesomely addictive song, should’ve been bigger.

65. Jet – Look What You’ve Done
Obviously channeling the Beatles. Insane video too.

64. The Hives – Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones
Impressive song/video but we’ll see the Hives much further up the list.

63. Atmosphere – National Disgrace
As American as apple pie and embarassment.

62. R.E.M. – Leaving New York
Somehow these guys got totally "alternative" again.

61. Zack De La Rocha – We Want It All
I was expecting so much more from Zack’s return.

60. Razorlight – Golden Touch
Immediately caught on to this from the first time I heard it.

59. Authority Zero – Mexican Radio
Awesome cover. Great song overall.

58. Sahara Hotnights – Hot Night Crash
From their newest album. The girls will be back later on.

57. Outkast – Roses
Good follow-up, but the video got shoved down our throats 10,000 times.

56. The Zutons – Pressure Point
Why the hell wasn’t this buzzworthy?

55. The Strokes – Reptilia
Don’t hate. And the video was simple but impressive.

54. Sum 41 – Pieces
Really made me appreciate Sum 41. The KROQ performance was stellar.

53. Audioslave – I Am The Highway
Another "is this even a single?" from Audioslave.

52. Joss Stone – Fell In Love With A Boy
This was on last year but it came back for more in ’04. Great cover.

51. Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces
For some reason this is great to listen to driving alone on the highway.

50. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Fortune Faded
The lowest to survive for 10 weeks and retire. Also barely made it into 2004.

49. Kittie – Into The Darkness
Just about the only "metal" I like and it’s some girl singing.

48. Bad Religion – Los Angeles Is Burning
I didn’t realize how great this album was until less than 2 months ago.

47. Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart
This song is RAHHHHH supreme.

46. Jem – They
Different yet subtly amazing. Also, I got to meet Jem at 97X! She’s so cool.

45. A Perfect Circle – Blue
Such a lovely color for you. Radio should’ve been friendly to this.

44. Piebald – Haven’t Tried It
Randomly saw this on Subthingy and I was hooked.

43. Faithless – Mass Destruction
Impressive song. Actually has a message, and quite an infectious beat.

42. Probot – Shake Your Blood
Dave Grohl’s side project results in freakin’ great RAHHHHness.

41. Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades
Second lowest to retire, but an awesome song nonetheless.

40. Ambulance Ltd. – Primitive
Relax. This song makes you relax and chill out.

39. Thrice – Stare At The Sun
Follow-up single that earned the title of *_*.

38. The Offspring – Can’t Get My Head Around You
One of the best from the album. Should’ve received more credit.

37. Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For
Her solo effort takes us back to the 80s in style.

36. The Von Bondies – C’Mon C’Mon
The video concept is cool and the song is super-catchy.

35. Sahara Hotnights – On Top Of Your World
Absolutely addictive and powerful beat/vocals.

34. The Used – Take It Away
The only song by The Used that gets me all RAHHHH. Awesome.

33. Bumblebeez 81 – Pony Ride
Another song that came out of nowhere. So different and unexpected.

32. The Music – Breakin’
Took me a few weeks to like it, and then hells yes. So great.

31. Switchfoot – Meant To Live
I really liked this song for a while. Then it later turned evil.

30. Velvet Revolver – Slither
Ultimately the album could’ve been more exciting, but this song just rules.

29. The Distillers – Drain The Blood
Drain the bloos! Coral Fang is a great album and should’ve been more successful.

28. The Presidents of the USA – Some Postman
Yet another not-exactly-comeback but still a new awesomely addictive song.

27. The Vines – Ride
The entire Winning Days album is great, and there should be more singles from it.

26. Norah Jones – Sunrise
My favorite chill-out music. Norah’s great and this video was just classic.

25. Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Hands-down one of the best songs this year. Still another week until it retires.

24. Shakira – Poem To A Horse
From her live CD/DVD. Can’t wait for her new albums in 2005.

23. Jet – Cold Hard Bitch
One word to describe this song: YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

22. Jimmy Eat World – Pain
Got to see them in Toronto for free! Amazing show and amazing song.

21. Samantha Ronson – Pull My Hair Out
HEY! Ya know, I saw this video once on Subthingy and I was addicted.

20. The Donnas – Fall Behind Me
More laid-back and mature than their previous stuff. I love it.

19. The Offspring – Hit That
Another one that spilled over from 2003 to 2004. Great song though.

18. Matthew Good – Alert Status Red
Virtually unknown outside of Canada, but Matt’s entire new album is great.

17. Korn – Word Up
It’s the code word! Unexpectedly awesome cover from Korn.

16. AFI – Silver And Cold
Simple yet effective. Hopefully AFI will bring us more great music in 2005.

15. Phantom Planet – Big Brat
Wasn’t expecting this from Phantom Planet, but what an awesome RAHHH song and video.

14. Tegan and Sara – Walking With A Ghost
It took a few listens, but then this song completely captivated me. It’s so simple yet elegant and amazing.

13. 311 – Love Song
Excellent cover of the original, and was also a great precursor to the return of The Cure later in 2004.

12. Cypress Hill – What’s Your Number
Sadly they disappeared again after this one single. In any case, this song was addictive and catchy at the time.

11. Franz Ferdinand – This Fire
The remixed, faster version of this song made it even more awesome. Both versions are great, along with the entire Franz album.

10. Modest Mouse – Float On (75 points)
This song was everywhere for a few months, but I never got totally sick of it. The entire Modest Mouse album is like a modern twist on a classic style.

9. A Perfect Circle – The Outsider (79 points)
Awesome follow-up single and part of a great album. I should note that Fuse was the only channel to give this insane video some airplay.

8. The Hives – Walk Idiot Walk (81 points)
I’ve never seen any other band have so much energy. It’s just non-stop RAHHHHH from The Hives and I love every minute of it. It’s really too bad this album didn’t do better sales-wise.

7. The Cure – The End Of The World (84 points)
Just when we thought they might be done for good, The Cure came back with an amazing new album and single. Seeing them live at Curiosa was close to a magical experience.

6. Beastie Boys – Right Right Now Now (86 points)
The first of three appearances for the Beastie Boys. On top of an absolutely hypnotic beat, this political song came at the perfect time and is (unfortunately) still relevant for the next few years.

5. Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble (92 points)
The second of three. This follow-up single was great on its own, but the video made it even better. I mean come on, you have Sasquatch. What more could you ask for?

4. Green Day – American Idiot (93 points)
I don’t think anyone expected Green Day’s comeback to be this good, but it sure is. The entire album is stellar, and what a way to start it off. American Idiot defines 2004.

3. Incubus – Megalomaniac (94 points)
The guys of Incubus also made their return this year, and it was also political. This song was a way to kick-start it all, with a powerful song and video. And oh yeah, you’re no *boing* Elvis.

2. U2 – Vertigo (99 points)
This is the big stuff now. When I heard this song for the first time, I didn’t even know for sure that it was U2. It’s like a return to their roots, a rejuvenated U2 ready to take over the world of music once again. And hells yeah for that.

1. Beastie Boys – Ch-Check It Out (100 points)
Well-deserved number one for the year. With this song, the Beasties were officially back, bigger and better than ever. It definitely lived up to and surpassed the hype, and I’ll never forget the massive premiere day. Ch-Check It Out was #1 for all 10 weeks on the TC 10.

And there you have it! My top 120 songs of 2004. Thanks for ch-checking it out.

Top 10 albums

10. Matthew Good – White Light Rock & Roll Review
9. The Cure – The Cure
8. Incubus – A Crow Left Of The Murder
7. Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand
6. The Hives – Tyrannosaurus Hives
5. Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News
4. Bad Religion – The Empire Strikes First
3. U2 – How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
2. Green Day – American Idiot
1. Beastie Boys – To The 5 Boroughs

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