“I Wish It Was Christmas Today”

I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan first came together on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 2000 to perform “I Wish It Was Christmas Today”, the best Christmas song ever created in the history of Christmas or songs. It’s time to honor this Christmas treat. In this post, every performance of it that I could find.

The videos

Let’s begin with the one that started at all, the O.G. from ‘SNL’ in 2000.

The next year, in 2001, the guys got back together and did an updated version.

In 2004, everyone left ‘SNL’ except Horatio, so he brought in the Muppets!

Horatio and Jimmy were joined by Julian Casablancas on ‘Late Night’ in 2009.

Finally, in 2011, the original Christmas guys reunited once more on ‘SNL’!

Final thoughts

What’s so great about “I Wish It Was Christmas Today”? It’s simple. The song and these silly performances bring joy. Lots of joy. Who wouldn’t be happy upon seeing this thing? That’s what the season is about. It’s a holiday treat for all.

The last performance in 2011 was bittersweet as only Jimmy Fallon hosting ‘SNL’ could bring everyone back together like that, and it’ll probably never happen again… but we’ll cherish the memories for a lifetime. Here’s to the best thing ever!

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